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Volunteer for the Ward Tour


Rider registration is now open for this year's 11th Annual Ward Tour, rolling on Sunday, June 5, 2022. We are in need of volunteers both leading up to the event and on the day of the tour. We can’t do it without you!


The 2022 Ward Tour will be by far our biggest ever.

The things we need most help with are:

Check In: Check in riders at the start (9-11am at City Hall)
Marshaling: Marshal the ride (marshals' meeting @ 10am, City Hall, Montgomery St. side)
Finish Line Set-Up: help clean up at the starting line and set up at the finish line. Meet @ 11am at City Hall. (NOTE: these volunteers can't ride the Tour)



Before the Tour


Leading up to the event, we need people to help promote the event:

  • putting up posters around the city
  • handing out palm cards
  • staffing our tables at local events like Groove on Grove
  • etc.

Bib pickup day (Saturday, June 4)

We'll have bibs available for riders to pick up at various locations around Jersey City the day before the event, and we'll need help organizing and staffing those locations.

All set here! See "Bib Pickup."

Day of the Tour

Day-of roles that we need to fill are for setup of the start area and the festival finish area, rider registration, ride marshals, and staffing various booths and tables at the start and finish.


Morning setup starts at 8 a.m. at City Hall (280 Grove St., at Montgomery Street) and involves some heavy lifting and the ability to work fast.

Rider check-in (9am, City Hall)

These volunteers will greet riders on Sunday morning and distribute the bib numbers. We'll show you how to use the EventBrite Organizer app (Android, iOS) to look up riders by name and record their bib number in the app. You'll hand them the bib and four safety pins, and that's it!

You'll be with other trained volunteers and board members who can help troubleshoot any situation. We are also offering early check-in on Saturday between 12pm and 8pm at sites across Jersey City.

Marshaling (10am, City Hall, Montgomery St. side)

Marshals are the riders who help keep the ride moving safely. You'll wear a hi-vis vest that we provide and "cork" intersections that the police escort has closed. You'll also make riders aware of certain hazards and direct them to help if needed. We'll be using Zello (a walkie-talkie app; Android, iOS) to communicate along the way.

We'll go over all these details and more on Sunday at 10am at the Marshals Meeting on the Montgomery St. side of City Hall. No formal training is needed. If you've ever wanted to marshal but we're sure how to get started, this ride's for you. You can volunteer at the start and also ride as a marshal.

Starting Line Cleanup, Finish Line Setup (11am, City Hall)

If you would like to help and were not planning to ride the Tour, you'll fit right in. We'll need help packing up the starting line and loading the truck before it rolls to the finish line. This will involve breaking down some tables and chairs and loading equipment into the truck. Then you'll walk 9 minutes to the finish line and help set it up. As riders start to arrive, you'll direct them to the proper place to park and show them how to enter Jazz Fest.

Setup workers will work in and around the finish-line / Jazz Festival from about 12-2pm, while the riders are out on the tour. You will help set up the festival grounds. You will need to work quickly, follow a map/site plan for the festival, possibly do some lifting, and take initiative.

NOTE: THESE VOLUNTEERS CANNOT RIDE IN THE TOUR. If you are a friend of biking, but you can't or don't want to ride in the tour, please consider volunteering for this duty.

All communication will be handled via email. Volunteers will be required to register for the event itself (including signing the waiver there).

Thanks again for helping us make this an amazing annual event!